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Im thinking of making a new flash

1/17/13 by 123mine123

Thinking of making a Valentine related flash...
For next month...
But im too lazy though, and I want to get FlashCS6 before making another animation.


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See? 123mine here gets it too.

1/27/13 123mine123 responds:




Just delete them. Memories on News Posts aren't relevant.

1/24/13 123mine123 responds:

Noo :(



Kinky. Do it.

1/22/13 123mine123 responds:

I will IF I manage to get the CS6.
I want the new black color of adobe. :3



Can you do me a favor and click "Delete ALL by user" on one of my comments? There's someone in real-life stalking my profile's content and I need it all removed ASAP

1/22/13 123mine123 responds:

...I really dont want to cuz that will also remove you as part of my memory of my newsposts and I dont want that.

So u said "No, i just also want to get Flash CS6 too.". Are you denying your laziness?

1/20/13 123mine123 responds:

Kinda.What Im trying to say is, I think Im actually motivated to make one, but I want to have the CS6 first before I start.

How does a paw sound like?

1/19/13 123mine123 responds:

Paw... like animal paws.
Sounds like law, the laws of the government.
Raw, not cooked.
Naw, a weird way of saying no.

What do you mean with naw?

1/19/13 123mine123 responds:

Naw= No thats sounds like paw

That's too bad. I wish you weren't too lazy.

1/19/13 123mine123 responds:

Naw, i just also want to get Flash CS6 too.

At least plan it out.

1/18/13 123mine123 responds:

Already did.



Then try to do that.And don't think you are a lazy man, I'm sure I'm lazier than you....

1/18/13 123mine123 responds:

I dont think anyone can really be more lazy than the other.