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Just an update.

3/27/13 by 123mine123
Updated 3/27/13

Hello guys...
Im still alive...
Just playing lots of video games...
Im so boring.

Also, updated my NewsPost... kinda.


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You aren't boring dude, you funny.

4/20/13 123mine123 responds:

No, you dah fahnny one.

Hi old friend. Just to let you know always smile while playing VG. Ok:)

4/14/13 123mine123 responds:

Dont worry, I do.

If your everyday life is playing videogames and watching videos, then you're indeed boring.

But fear not, for I have invented the 'Extraversion Therapy'. With one small sip from its immense base, you can become the least boring person on the planet. ONLY available in the United States and Canada for $3.99, counterparts sold in other countries are forged and illegal.

Of course, this comment is full of irony and should not be taken seriously, unless you're an autistic pedo gay wolverine.

4/4/13 123mine123 responds:

Ill probably stop becoming boring and become more busy when I get to college. -.-

This should be every single one of my newsposts

4/3/13 123mine123 responds:


You're not boring. You are quite funny when you say that.

4/3/13 123mine123 responds:

...ok xD

It is great to know that you're still alive.

4/3/13 123mine123 responds:




That's also useful. Good luck!

3/30/13 123mine123 responds:




make art

3/30/13 123mine123 responds: