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Hey guys.

5/5/13 by 123mine123

So I've made a new art.
I've been really unactive lately 'cause, well, I don't find NG as exciting as before.
But I still do manage to come back at least everyday checking out some new stuff on the notification star menu thing.

Also, just saying. I can't seem to draw on Photoshop even though I have already a have a tablet.
I keep drawing on a piece of paper first and edit it out on Photoshop and color it and stuff.

Hey guys.


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better re open my facebook and get rid of mostly everyone I had as a friend

6/3/13 123mine123 responds:

haha! xD

Damn bro I haven't really talked to you for months why haven't you been using skype?

6/3/13 123mine123 responds:

1. The people usually I chat there are like 3 people and the facebook chat feature.
2. A waste of extra ram process...thread...whatever you call it.
3. I keep forgetting or too lazy to sign in. xD

Yea I'm good :)

5/31/13 123mine123 responds:


Hey, how's it been?

5/31/13 123mine123 responds:

Good, very good.

Leave Newgrounds if you can't stand being on here anymore. Some day you might want to visit us here again. That's what I did.

5/30/13 123mine123 responds:

Lawl! Its not that I cant stand newgrounds, but im being unactive compared before.
Before, I collect b/p points, exp, and post at the forums a lot.
Now, I just come for the games and uploading my art.
And oh yeah, checking out my friends and fave artists activities too.



Also, I commented here, because my opinion is still kinda that review room is for reviews, and not for comments.

5/18/13 123mine123 responds:

Ok then.




*comic. Xcuse me.

5/17/13 123mine123 responds:

fgayouf gwaelvawle gowlitf



Nice cartoon. Chuckled a little.

5/16/13 123mine123 responds:

You mean the comic?
Yeah, its based on a youtube show, so it doesnt make much sense to people who has no idea about it.
Also, why are you commenting it here instead of there?

Adobe Illustrator is also good for doing cartoons. The Pen Tool is hard to use at first but once you've mastered it you can do anything, pretty much.

5/9/13 123mine123 responds:

I was thinking of getting it along with after effects, but I dont really need it.


5/7/13 123mine123 responds:


Nice fight the good fight man

5/6/13 123mine123 responds:

I dont really know what you meant by me fighting something, but sure! :D



Yes, this pleases me.

5/6/13 123mine123 responds:

Im glad.

Transferring artwork from paper to PS doesn't seem like a bad idea. I might start doing that.

5/6/13 123mine123 responds:

The problem for me is that I find it easier to start drawing on a paper but cant start and do every thing on photoshop.
Good luck though on doing traditional art.