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Chuck's Choice!

2017-05-02 10:47:21 by 123mine123

A little fun choose your own adventure cartoon!

What's also great is that I also took part in animating it. :3


It's 2017!

2016-12-31 13:53:10 by 123mine123

Happy new year everyone.


Here's to another year of growing and new experiences. C:

Busy with work

2016-11-01 09:52:57 by 123mine123

I miss newgrounds. :c


I still kinda go here everyday whenever I come home from work.

Mostly to just quickly check the art forums or notification of anything new.

But not really have the time to post and do anything else.


Job is fun though. Still work of course.. Any kind of work is still work no matter how much you love your career. xD

Waking up early at 5am everyday just so I wouldn't have to deal with rush hour and get to work without being that much tired since I just commute going there.


Other than that, not much else is going with me.

I spent most of my weekends either sleeping, playing my 3DS, or going out and enjoying the break.

I also been collecting and reading books I guess..

I've been collecting Redwall whenever I see one available on one of the local 2nd hand book stores I come by.

Got 15 out of 22 so that's cool..


Well I should probably stop.. Don't even know why I still bother creating news post since hardly anyone reads this.

I guess it's moreso for myself and gather my thoughts and try to recount what happened in my life every few months.

And creating this Newgrounds news post thing is what gives me the reason to do so in a written platform or something..

I digress..


Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead or whatever...

sp00ky and ded stuff yay


2016-09-17 05:49:43 by 123mine123

Oh, how they grow up so fast..




2016-06-27 07:59:48 by 123mine123

Been really busy with animation stuff. Not being able to draw at all on the weekend.

Wish I could show the stuff that I've been doing. But I guess I'll just have to wait till the show I'm stationed on actually starts airing. c:

I'm non-infectious!

2016-05-06 07:11:31 by 123mine123

Yes! My tuberculosis isn't infectious! Meaning I'm fit to work!

I'm so relieved.. Still have to take antibiotics everyday and refrain drinking soda though..

But at least I can work. :D

I have tuberculosis..

2016-04-29 21:00:44 by 123mine123

Will have a sputum exam thing and blood test on Monday and don't know what happens to me with my job right now being infectious and all. Though I was told by my doc I could still go to work, so it might be alright. 



1st day in animation company

2016-02-29 09:16:04 by 123mine123

Man, 1st day and already signed 3 contracts, told how much the company expects us, and already seen a bunch of cartoons being made that must be kept confidential....


Gunna be very busy soon. Hope I can still continue doing my painting related studies.


On another note, 100 fans! YAY!

To those who really stuck around, I greatly appreciate it!


Click here if you want to look at an artist failing (AKA my art thread)

A month ago, I made a post about me applying in an animation company. AND THEY FINALLY CONTACTED ME AGAIN! Initital interview and skill exam would be on monday!


Wish me luck! :D

It's my birthday...

2016-01-15 11:34:41 by 123mine123

Wow, I'm 21...