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Getting this feeling again.

2013-02-02 07:37:27 by 123mine123

The feeling of laziness...
For the valentine flash Im gonna make, the story board is finished.
Just need to think of the script, draw the actual stuff on flash, and record my(?) voice.
But everytime I try or even think to start...I get lazy and dont want to do it. D:


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2013-02-03 08:21:51

Well, I know that if you start, you usually do have fun.

And if you're not, it's not fit for you.

123mine123 responds:

Okie, Ill start.


2013-02-03 13:01:12

Its really tedious and annoying to work on a flash animation its no joke i honestly never have fun when i attempt to make one it usually ends with tears and scotch.

123mine123 responds:



2013-02-03 15:30:32

Atta boy. Good luck!

123mine123 responds:



2013-02-07 00:15:36

Think about the soon-to-be finished product? =D
And don't do it all in one day.... do a few seconds of animation a day.... (like 3s or if you're determined... 7s??? I dunno. DX)