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2013-02-04 05:34:08 by 123mine123

Before when I started flash, I just drew stuff and never paid any attention to detail, thinking that it's just optional.
I was wrong...
With this next flash, I want to make everything look great.
But in doing that, it will take a much longer time.
So that means adding little detail on art and putting in-between frames.

Below is a background I made that I just finished now.
This took 3 hours to make...
Also, never thought gradients actually makes stuff look good! xD

Stay tuned for my valentine flash.



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2013-02-04 06:02:27

That's the best background I've ever seen.

(Updated ) 123mine123 responds:

LOL! Thanks, but it's not that finished.
Im gonna add a sign, 1 or 2 trees, the characters and a trashcan.


2013-02-04 08:44:19

Nice, lookin' good so far. :)

123mine123 responds:

Thankyou mister furry sir... ._.


2013-02-04 11:26:53

Ohhh! I like your style.

123mine123 responds:



2013-02-05 06:19:59

I will be looking forward to your valentine animation.

123mine123 responds:

Is that Rukia?


2013-02-05 08:01:59

Backgrounds are important in flash, hence why a lot get an artist to do it if they don't feel talented enough themselves. This is a pretty decent background though, I've always been a fan of the little details in pieces but really, 3 hours? What were you doing?.........

123mine123 responds:

1. My tablet is small, and i have to ctrl z... a lot.
2. You know how sometimes flash's paint bucket sometimes doesnt want to fill up stuff when you made small opening when using the pencil tool.
3. It isnt obvious in the pic, but you can see that there are a lot of small patches of grass that I carefully drew each one.
4. It's hard making the gradient look natural enough.


2013-02-16 18:29:55

Looks pretty neat and sounds pretty hopefully it's out soon

123mine123 responds:

Im sad to say I havent been working on it for a while now...
Im just not motivated enough.


2013-02-16 18:30:31

XD *pretty cool

123mine123 responds: