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Im sad right now :C

2013-10-16 12:29:01 by 123mine123

So, just finished playing Episode 1 of Wolf Among Us.
I really liked the fact of fairy tale animals living in a New York modern environment and also speaking like one.
I've already known about Fable long ago when browsing the book store and seeing how this get an Eisner Award, but only recently tried to read the comics.
I really liked seeing one of the three little pigs sneak inside the home of the big bad wolf and having a conversation while both of them are smoking. That's just brilliant!

(Spoiler Warning on the comic)
*****Much to my dismay, Colin (the pig) died in a brutal fashion******

I really hate liking a fictional character and killing them off.
And since the comic was made way back on 2003, TellTale just made it harder for me to deal with his death!

Ugh, this is just me saying stuff cause I haven't posted in a while...

How's it goin'!?


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2013-10-17 08:12:32

Haven't tried either game or comic, good knowing. The goings good; good going!

123mine123 responds:

And the goings gets tough, but for the greater good...
I don't know what the heck im saying. >.>


2013-10-17 12:28:28

If the going gets buff, they consume greater food...
Wise words man!

123mine123 responds: