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2013-10-28 11:58:22 by 123mine123

I want to draw something so badly but I cant even draw it. D:


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2013-10-28 12:01:09

Draw a pineapple. Hurry, hop, hop!

123mine123 responds:

Done! ._.
I even added a clock on it.


2013-10-30 16:50:16

Draw a sponge in front of the pineapple.

And give it a face.

And call him Patrick.

123mine123 responds:

I even draw a starfish and named it Sandy...


2013-10-31 13:33:32

Now you need a flute-playing squirrel that you can call 'Ms. Crabs'. It's fabulous as fuck.

123mine123 responds:

I'm pretty sure it's spelled with a "K"..