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Random News Post for this month

2014-02-01 05:15:57 by 123mine123

Hey people to whoever still reads this and follow me.

So I haven't been totally inactive on all the stuff that I've been doing.

Though I haven't been uploading stuff on my art thread, I'm still drawing stuff everyday and just feels like it's not that good to be added on the thread. You can check out my art thread here though:

And I also joined the Art Weeklies thread in the art forums where every week there is always a new challenge to try and draw.

And as for animations, I have something planned for valentine and I have a WIP animation based on the comics that a fellow newground user, ChazDude, I've been meaning to get done.


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2014-02-01 05:22:24

Regarding the last part, any update on that?

123mine123 responds:

It's on hold right now. I want to get the art weekly done first.
I'm still waiting on how your characters blink though.
I want the talking and body movement done first. :3


2014-02-04 04:57:01

Keep up the good work man. Will be looking forward to your growth as an artist. I can't say much since you draw way better than me haha. Only to not be afraid to make mistakes and keep on going!

123mine123 responds:

Thank you "random person I do not know."